• The iWL200 series is designed for mobility and benefits from the latest technologies, reaching an outstanding battery life. In any use case it supports a full and intensive working day processing payments which enhances merchant productivity. Boasting a wide array of wireless connectivity including GPRS, Bluetooth or even both in the iWL280, the iWL200 series delivers faultless 24/7 communications while slashing operational costs. Combined with the connectivity embedded in the docking station, it provides the most compelling and comprehensive solution for payment and beyond. Built around the industry-proven, powerful Ingenico Telium2 platform, the iWL200 series also boasts the fastest printer ever integrated in a payment device. With its 30 lines per second, it almost halves the printing time and improves efficiency on the spot.


  1. I want buy ingenico iwl 220. The price ?

    • Quiero comprar de esa maquina porque la evisto como trabajan en mi paia y quiero k me llamame la persona en cargada k me hable lo mas rapido posible

  2. Esse equipamento faz captura de transações em off line??

  3. Bom dia! Trabalho com os POS 8400 8320 8020 e ainda com a 8010. Gostaria de atualizar minhas máquinas e gostaria de receber mais informações sobre os POS iwl220 e 250.desde já agradeço a atenção

  4. I have a ingenico iwl220 how can it be configured so I can use it for my business.

  5. Large range + quick service.

  6. I need 2 ingenico iw220 pos. Contact me

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